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1740/20 - Urmet video monitor

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Urmet Signo Monitor & Bracket for use in obsolete systems (replaces 1704/20)

Signo video doorphone retrofit version. The Ref.1740/20 Signo with bracket can be used to replace the Explorer, Vedette, Sentinel, Vidofono, Scout (1204/20) and Sentry Scout (1704/20 and 1704/20A) video house phones in a video house phone installation with conventional call system. The replacement can be made only in systems provided with a power supply with relays used to activate the electric lock. The replacement can not be made in systems where the the electric lock is directly activated by the video door phone buttons. For these last cases contact the customer service technical department.

(Excl. 20% tax)

Additional Info

  • Brand: Urmet
  • Part Number: 1740/20